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Tribal Unity Gathering : Summer Solstice 2013

Bar-H Ranch

943 County Road 433, Saint Jo, TX 76265, USA

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Event Description

This gathering features beautiful sacred grounds that Quanah Parker, the founder of the Native American Church, utilized as a hide out from troops and mercenaries pursuing a bounty on his head. In modern times it has been featured in National Geographic for having over 30 miles of pristine mountain bike trails and breath taking views of the 400 foot drop in elevation, from the prairie lip to valley base. Nestled on the breaks of the Texas Pains and Red River Valley, the gathering offers campers unique experiences across the board exhibiting the spiritual space with: Art | Music | Transformational Learning | Invigorating Performances | Holistic Living | Unity

Trinity Native American Church Exists to Unearth the Creator's Spirit, in Our Hearts and Heritage, for all our relations. Together "Tribal Unity" celebrates the earth beneath our feet, the stars above our head, and the space we share between. Enjoy the longest days of sun and brightest moon of the year as we celebrate in Tribal Unity. Dance in realms of ceremony, art, healing, transformational learning, and experience the symbiosis of co-creation. Take the time to remember yourself, your loves, and the ability for divine days, together as One.

Map of Event Location
June 21st, 2013  12:00 pmJune 24th, 2013  12:00 pm